Green your Back to School Shopping List!

Were wondering if there were any cool “green” products that you can pick up this year to add you’re your kid’s school supplies, or even your desk at work?  Well, we’ve found a few cool products that you may like.  Take a peak…



Milk Dot Top Kat Backpack: Let your Topkat backpack inspire you to be the head of your class and bring out your inner superhero. Its modern design says you’re now too cool for the obvious but you won’t settle for getting lost in a crowd with a backpack that’s anything but notable. Its roomy interior offers plenty of room with extra pockets. Plus, a full day makes a star student hungry. The outside compartment is insulated like our Stöh lunch tote with plenty of room for after school snacks and a drink.  Also, you can personalize your backpack by adding your name or favorite photo with Milkdot’s front ID tag – eliminates the need to write on your bag with permanent ink.

K.Lands End Totes1.jpg

Lands’ End Natural Zip-Top Canvas Tote: Great for teen and college students, you simply can’t find another canvas tote with as many details as ours. We’ve spent years using it, updating it and listening to your advice on how to make it better. That’s why our Tote has felled seams that help it stand upright (keeping contents inside).  In addition, you can have them embroidered just for you!

Kids dry erase board.jpg

Bamboo Dry Erase Board: The Bamboo Desktop Dry-Erase Board saves the use in paper. It’s made from real bamboo that comes from FSC certified forests (well-managed forests). The warm honey color of the bamboo looks great in the office, kitchen or wherever else you need to jot a quick note.  Perfect for working out math problems or creating a homework to-do list without wasting paper.


New Leaf 100% Recycled Paper and Notebooks: The New Leaf collections features paper made from recycled banana and palm fibers.  These products will be a sure hit not only for your kids, but for the office as well.


Rock Paper Notebook: Theses cool notebooks are made of chunks of limestone rock ground into dust, Made By Humans’ Rock Paper Notebook is filled with the strongest, most eco-friendly paper on the planet. Recyclable, biodegradable, tear-resistant and waterproof, this notebook is easy on the planet, but built to last through accidental coffee spills, a trip in the purse or backpack and much more. Made of 80% limestone dust, and 20% non-toxic resin as a binding agent.

kids Eco Staple Free Stapler.jpg

Eco Staple Free Stapler: The Eco Staple Free Stapler revolutionizes how you fasten papers together.  It cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to “stitch” up to four pages together.  Safe for little fingers and no metal waste.

kids The Seven Year Pen.jpg

The Seven Year Pen: These cute, Swiss-made pens come with a bold promise. They have a 7-year lifespan. The Seven Year Pen is able to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years. That’s approximately 5.5 feet, every day. They’re available in green with a whale graphic, black with skull and bones, or purple with a feather from Paper Source – Just for you!

kids Bamboo Ruler.jpg

Bamboo Ruler: Trying to avoid plastic? Here’s a solution we are thrilled to offer. A high quality, bamboo ruler made from sustainable bamboo, hand-crafted under fair labor practices and safe working conditions. Inches and centimeters on one side and a handy key that contains more than 40 different conversions in five categories on the back.



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